Here's what your web application can do with us

Connect with any audio/video sources


Connect to any RTMP source such as IP-camera or any broadcasting software like OBS or whatever and expose it like WebRTC stream


Obtain and publish a WebRTC stream from any webcam or microphone etc.

Landline phones

Add live calls to your broadcasting with our AVCore-to-Nexmo API connector

Media Files

Use any media files and play them as a VOD WebRTC stream


Connect to the client’s screen via browser and share it as a WebRTC stream

Stream anywhere
and in any way

Stream to any destination.
For any number of users

Create huge broadcastings to many thousands of viewers. Publish the resulted streams synchronous to any browsers via WebRTC and/or to any RTMP destinations like YouTube or Facebook Live

Mix an unlimited number of streams into one in real‑timeuse‑cases

Combine any number of initial streams of any type to create complex multicomponent real-time broadcastings. Use our powerful MCU for easy building services for online talk shows or CCTV systems or for any other purposes where you need mix streams and broadcast it synchronously to a large audience.

Record any streams anywhere

Record any of the streams individually before mixing or after combining them. Store your recordings in our secure shared repository or on your own.


Fully WebRTC’d

AES-256 end-to-end encryption for all the data by default. Sub-second latency for live streaming. VP8, h.264, and Opus industry-standard codecs supported. Multi-browser support for plugin-free user experience.

Cloud infrastructure

Forget the headaches with overheads for server administration, data protection, and project growth issues. Pay as you use. Get deep analytics for all your apps and simply manage all the resources in one place.

Simple JavaScript SDK

Check our JavaScript documentation ( to know how it simple to build any live video web application with AVCore. We use the library for troubleproof signaling.

Only the features you need

Our platform is designed to give you the most freedom. You can concentrate on your global goals while we provide audio/video processing and broadcasting at a deep level. You can easily use AVCore with any 3rd party APIs for additional video customization and analysis such as face recognition or AR.

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