Powerful WebRTC APIs for building video applications fast.

Use our cloud infrastructure to

  1. Connect to unlimited video and audio sources
  2. Stream HD video with sub-second latency to unlimited users
  3. Mix unlimited streams together in real-time
  4. Record any session to any destination
  5. Share screens on any device

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AVCore for

Video APIs for most of your use-cases

Build your video conferencing apps in minutes. Create live broadcasts for thousands of users.

Use our unique mixer to craft multichannel CCTV and telemedicine solutions.

Go to market fast advantages

Activate complex video features with a few lines of code from our well-documented SDK. We already solved all the problems.

Get full control with our analytics

Look through the usage summaries or any session's low-level details with the easy report system

Get benefit with all WebRTC advantages

Provide AES-256 end-to-end encryption for the maximum security.

Get plugin-free playability of your content for most of the browsers.

Impress your audience with 4K HD video at sub-second latency.

Avoid growth challenges

Scale to an enterprise-level with our cloud architecture in a flash. We have 99.99% uptime, expert support, and compliance policy for any needs.

AVCore for

Authorize and publish a WebRTC stream from a webcam/mic

Subscribe to a WebRTC stream, if necessary indicating an origin server to pull from (then the system provides origin->edge streaming for scalability)

Share a screen on a client device, as a WebRTC stream

Pull an RTMP stream (from a source such as OBS) and expose it as a WebRTC stream similar to others (like webcams)

Mix several streams together to produce a single composite stream - WebRTC, RTMP, or both

Publish any stream to an RTMP destination such as Youtube live or Facebook live

Send and/or receive a stream to a landline phone connection (using the Nexmo API)

Record a stream, being a single stream such as a webcam or mic, or a mixed stream of several participants

Play out a media file as a VOD WebRTC stream, played synchronously on all recipients’ devices.

Combine live and VOD streams in an MCU

How AVCore

Use cases


Make education accessible to students around the world. Enhance their immersive learning experience with superior video quality. Use our APIs to host and record webinars and training courses.


Create personalized, highly secure collaboration tools according to your internal policies and requirements. With AVCore API's, you no longer need any expensive hardware communication solutions.

Live Streaming

Stream high-quality live video to any device for audiences of all sizes. Use our mixer to add any additional streams to your broadcast - from video recordings to live calls.

Our platform is universal for creating customized video applications for your business needs. Here are just a few examples of using our WebRTC APIs

Need a custom WebRTC solution? Contact our developers for a free offer.